O Driscolls Worldwide

Fleeing from war, persecution and famine in Ireland, the O Driscolls went as ‘Wild Geese’ to France and Spain, and as poor emigrants made their way to America, Britain, Australia and other places.
In time, they made a name for themselves in the military, religious, economic, medical, cultural and political life of many countries.
In Ireland, they adapted to new ways and became merchants, journalists, authors, poets, educationalists, religious, sporting and legal figures
Their descendants are today to be found throughout Ireland and especially in County Cork, Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other lands. The original home of all O Driscolls, is the area around Baltimore and Sherkin, Heir and Cape Clear islands where the surname is most frequently found today. Much of the history of the O Driscolls and the story of many named O Driscoll worldwide is told in O Driscolls, Past and Present by Dr Éamon Lankford.

All who bear any form of the name Ó Drisceoil, O Driscoll, Driskell, Driskill certainly have ancestral connections that may stretch back several centuries to a particular part of Ireland, the O Driscoll territory of West Cork, Baltimore and the islands of Cape Clear, Heir and Sherkin.