Please use the form below when making an enquiry or arranging to make a submission of family data for inclusion in the O Driscoll Memorial Archive

A Guide to making a submission of a family account

Many members of the O Driscoll worldwide family have put family genealogy and accounts of all kinds on the internet. All who have written such accounts are invited to deposit a copy of their material in the O Driscoll Memorial Archive located in part of their ancestral homeland. Dr. Éamon Lankford, founder and voluntary director of the O Driscoll Memorial Archive would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to donate a copy of your research to the archive. Perhaps the following Guide may be helpful for making a submission of a family account for inclusion in the O Driscoll Memorial Archive.


You may write genealogical, historical or career profiles or other accounts for any member of your extended Driscoll/Driskill family worldwide which can include details of occupations, trades, professions and businesses of any kind from any time period.

The inclusion of information regarding educational, sporting, musical, literary talents and achievements of O Driscolls at any time in the past or the present is invited.

Titles and copies of books, songs, articles, poems etc. written by or about O Driscolls are of interest, as are National service and other records relating to people who bear any form of the name O Driscoll.

The inclusion of dates for events and locations for births and deaths and burials and support documentation will also assist with the accuracy of what you may wish to have recorded.

Photocopies of obituaries, newspaper articles written by or about matters concerning O Driscolls or copies of any other documentation which gives insights into the lives of people named O Driscoll will be much appreciated.

Photographs are very important and persons whose image appear in photographs should be named on the back of the photo along with a date for when the photo was taken.

Details of genealogical and other connections with Ireland, County Cork and particularly West Cork or with specific places in other countries will be helpful.

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Your name and address, photograph or any information you wish to supply will not be posted on the internet. Nothing will be published by the O Driscoll Archive without further reference to you and any information you submit will be kept in the O Driscoll Memorial Archive for O Driscoll related research purposes only.

If your submission happens to relate to any Cape Clear island family ancestry we will be pleased to hold it in the Cape Clear Island Archive for private family research purposes.