About Us

Having been closely associated with the O Driscoll Clan Gathering since its inception in 1986, Dr. √Čamon Lankford has gathered much documentation relating to people named O Driscoll. His absorbing account of the fortunes of the Clan in O Driscolls:Past and Present (2005) is a comprehensive historical account which highlights the local origins of the O Driscolls as well as their power, wealth and influence down the centuries.

It also tries to show their wider international and national connections. The constant maritime theme gets particular mention, as well as the ecclesiastical, literary and legal ones that have characterized the recorded activities of O Driscolls through the ages.

The section titled The O Driscoll Diaspora tells the story of some of those who settled and prospered in new lands around the world. The research material compiled for the book now forms the basis for the O Driscoll Archive Collection which it is proposed to expand with the inclusion of submissions from other O Driscolls and the provision of links to web sites and others devoted to the study of O Driscoll genealogy, history and heritage.

As the O Driscoll Archive initiative does not have a research staff or funding, it is not, at present, in a position to engage in family research but it will house documentation presented to it by all who wish to have their family history and heritage remembered. The O Driscoll Collection to be housed in Cape Clear Museum Archive and Cork County Library will, in time, be a unique research resource. Submissions can be added to at any time.