The International O Driscoll Family

Members of the Worldwide O Driscoll Family who have been attending the O Driscoll Clan Gathering down the years have created websites to promote participation by others in the Annual O Driscoll Clan Gathering at Baltimore and the islands of Cape Clear, Heir and Sherkin, Co. Cork, Ireland. This very practical support by the international O Driscoll family is greatly appreciated by the West Cork business community and their West Cork O Driscoll relations. Websites and Social Media platforms have greatly stimulated O Driscoll genealogical research in many lands and has played a significant role in establishing the historic fact that all members of the worldwide O Driscoll family of the present and of the past have their ancestral roots in the Baltimore area and on its offshore islands in West, County Cork, Ireland. Click here for details of Clan websites that support and participate in the O Driscoll Clan Gathering at Baltimore and the islands, Co. Cork, Ireland.

The O Driscoll International Memorial Archive established in 2013 by Dr. Éamon Lankford at Cape Clear island, Co. Cork is dedicated to the gathering of the story of all O Driscolls, past and present. The archive is for O Driscolls who would like to be remembered and celebrated in a part of their historic, ancestral home place. The work of the archive is voluntary.

All who have written family accounts or placed O Driscoll related family information online are invited to donate to the O Driscoll Archive whatever data they would like to have preserved and remembered in memory of their own family. All submission of information will be acknowledged.

An O Driscoll family, living in Co. Kildare present their story for preservation at the O Driscoll Memorial Archive, Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork, Ireland.
A copy of The Lifestory of Rev. Carl Driscoll, Ohio, USA was presented to the O Driscoll Memorial Archive at Cape Clear Island Museum (2012) by Dave & Jo Driscoll, Atlanta, USA. Margaret (O Driscoll) Eaton, UK, O Driscoll Clan Chieftain (2011-’13) on behalf of the archive accepted the material. (L-R) Dave Driscoll, UK, Chieftain (2005-07), Clan Chieftain Margaret O Driscoll; Bruce Driscoll Canada, O Driscoll Clan Chieftain (2009-’11).