25th Anniversary Clan Gathering 2011

The Annual O Driscoll Midsummer Clan Gathering celebrated its 25th Anniversary at Baltimore and the islands of Cape Clear, Heir and Sherkin in June 2011. Former O Driscoll Chieftains and members of the Worldwide O Driscoll Family came together in greater numbers than ever to celebrate their heritage. At the Registration of the visiting Clan members and Opening Friday evening session of the Gathering in Baltimore’s O Driscoll Castle, O Driscoll Chieftain Maureen O Driscoll Aherne of West Cork and Cork city welcomed all to the Clan Gathering. Here also, Colman O Driscoll of Skibbereen delivered the 25th Anniversary O Driscoll Clan Gathering Lecture. At sunset the O Driscoll flag was raised high over the restored Baltimore Castle and this was followed with a delightful Clan Gathering Reception at Baltimore Sailing Club where visitors met with old friends and relations. There was conversation and music for all in The Square and local bars till late into the night.

The ruins of ancient castles and churches associated with the O Driscoll family are to be found on the islands of Cape Clear and Sherkin. Dún na Séad, their stronghold at Baltimore has now been beautifully restored. No other Irish family have remained so long and so strong in numbers in their own place as the O Driscolls of West Cork.