International O Driscoll Memorial Archive Remembrance Ceremony 2016

Cape Clear Island Museum Society, Co. Cork has for a number of years offered a facility to the O Driscoll worldwide family whereby one may submit an account of their family for preservation in the O Driscoll Collection in the island museum. The O website set up to promote the gathering of these family accounts had considerably increased the number of submissions by 2013. It was felt that the time had come to establish an O Driscoll Memorial Archive to house and preserve the collected data. Remembering, honoring and uniting all who form the worldwide O Driscoll family, past and present became the objective. The International O Driscoll Memorial Archive is located on Cape Clear Island, which is part of the ancestral homeland of each member of today’s international Driscoll family.

West Cork man, Seán O Driscoll, native of Drimoleague inaugurated the International O Driscoll Memorial Archive during the June 2013 O Driscoll Clan Gathering visit to Cape Clear Island. Click here for details of the O Driscoll Clan Gathering.

On that occasion 25 volumes of material relating to the lives of O Driscolls worldwide compiled by Dr. Éamon Lankford were deposited in Cape Clear Island Museum as the International O Driscoll Memorial Archive. Click here for details on how to submit your family story for inclusion in the archive.

With the launch of the O Driscoll Memorial Archive, former O Driscoll Clan Gathering Chieftain, Bruce O Driscoll of Canada was invited to bring from New Brunswick, a candle to be called The O Driscoll Candle which was used in a moving Remembrance Ceremony. The O Driscoll Candle for the 2014 Clan Gathering Remembrance Ceremony was brought from Sydney Australia by Joan Thatcher–O Driscoll and that for 2015 was brought from the UK by Tim O Driscoll who's ancestors came from Woodfield, Rosscarbery, Co.Cork. The 2016 O Driscoll Candle was brought from the United States by Teresa Driscoll Barndt of Florida.

Cork County Council, Fáilte Ireland and IPB Insurance Community Tourism Diaspora Initiative supported the event.

A candle representing all who emigrated from Ireland during the terrible Great Famine of 1845-47 was brought to Cape Clear for the Famine Remembrance Exhibition of 1995 by James J. O Driscoll of Long Island, New York. This is now lit at the start of the O Driscoll Remembrance Ceremony. Each year some person from a selected country across the world who has O Driscoll ancestry is invited to bring a candle- ‘The O Driscoll Candle’ from their home country and give a brief account of their Driscoll family story and heritage. In the quiet of the O Driscoll Archive, housed in a restored old schoolhouse, all present are invited to reflect for a little while and one by one then call the name of a deceased ancestor and in so doing let their relatives ‘live again’ for a short while among their own people in a part of the lands of their ancestors.

If unable to attend the Clan Gathering one can still participate in the meaningful ceremony. Members of the O Driscoll Memorial committee along with former O Driscoll Chieftains, will at the next International O Driscoll Memorial Archive Remembrance Ceremony, respectfully call the names of a loved one on their behalf.

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